Impact Partners

Personal consulting

In order to meet the demands and concerns of some of the executives we work with, we offer a number of personal consulting services.


Unlike our institutional consulting projects, for which we get involved in the implementation of our clients’ assignments, our coaching service aims to help individual clients to develop objective representations of themselves. They are then able to find specific solutions to their personal or professional development projects. This will enable them to increase their level of performance and satisfaction.

Some examples:

  • New role or widened responsibilities
  • The reorganisation of a team
  • Specific difficulties inside a team like the lack of motivation or existing conflicts
  • The willingness to increase one’s leadership and interpersonal skills


Career guidance

This very comprehensive programme is directed as much to those during a professional transition as those in their jobs who are thinking about their personal/professional development. “Regarding my personal aspirations, am I in the right job, the right environment, what else could I do, etc”.
Using a cognitive-behavioural methodology we place the emphasis on the personal development of our individual clients. This personal development is the best way to ensure accurate professional repositioning.

This programme can also be an interesting alternative to a traditional outplacement.