Impact Partners

Satisfaction survey

In partnership with HEG Geneva, we have developed a tool to measure our clients’ satisfaction. This step was also the result of our wish to improve our knowledge of our clients’ profiles, in order to meet their needs and expectations in an increasingly appropriate and targeted way. Assuming that it seemed more relevant to measure the degree of satisfaction of our clients by studying the specific components (like organisation typologies and professions in the company) rather than the overall satisfaction level in absolute value, we preferred to use the joint analysis method.

Therefore, we made a list of the elements identified as generating value through preliminary interviews with a representative sample of clients, and then regrouped them in a consistent way into standard Dimensions (Accessibility, Expertise, Performance and Client Relations).

The aim of the joint analysis is to establish a hierarchy of these dimensions by contrasting them with each other. We thus obtain an actual weighting of these dimensions for our clients.

We are then able to compare ourselves with our competitors on an objective basis.

Clients’ satisfaction results comparing Impact Partners with the competition by clients’ profiles



In addition to the results concerning directly Impact Partners, we also produce a graph of criteria used to select or assess a recruitment-consulting company. You will see that the weighting of these criteria can vary according to organisation typologies (Universal Banks vs. Private Banks) and professions (HR Managers vs. Line Managers).

 Weighting by organisation typologies



Weighting by professions



We are keen to regularly update the results of our satisfaction survey relating to the assignments performed and attach great importance to creating an individual profile for each of our clients, in addition to the results previously mentioned.