Impact Partners

Tactical management

With our clients, we develop and implement the solutions that are most appropriate for them so as to ensure the achievement of their operational and organisational objectives. We are not in the business of selling turnkey solutions or models. On the contrary, we are concerned with tactical management as opposed to strategic consulting.

In our day-to-day activity consisting of both consulting and recruitment, it is consulting – particularly in terms of organisational development and upstream of recruitment – that represents the added value we seek to deliver for our clients.

For example, we believe that we can be of real assistance in a situation where our client – the manager of an organisation or department – needs to develop a new business model, a new service or a new market. As he alone knows the solution that is right for his undertaking, we offer him support in defining the criteria for the success of the assignment entrusted to him by supplying information we have gathered through our market intelligence networks. From this preliminary stage emerges the definition of a plan that we can proceed to present to our selected candidates.

Therefore we offer certain pure consulting services that we subdivide as follows:

  • Management and organisational development consulting
  • Coaching for management teams
  • Human resource management, particularly manpower and skill planning
  • Strenghtsfinder : identification of the teams strengths and complementarities
  • Market intelligence, i.e. studies of market trends and opportunities and monitoring of the competition


Representative mandates: Consulting
  1. Objective: to position and construct a Wealth Structuring business unit as a competitive value for an international private bank.

    1. formally define the business unit with the client, as well as the key services offered to the clientele of the bank
    2. define the success criteria for the activity
    3. build the business model for this unit within the organisation.
  2. Objective: to advise the management team with the goal to strengthen the business project of an independent asset manager (15 staff), two years after its establishment.

    1. coaching approach to ensure that the group develops at a clear and shared understanding of the following elements: mission, business, strengths/weaknesses, social values, competitive values
    2. organise a workshop in which the company is confronted with the expectations of a panel of typical clients concerning its organisation, operation and services
    3. measure the gap
    4. draw up an action plan.
  3. Objective: to conduct a study for a Geneva-based international bank designed to assess whether it would be opportune to set up an activity dedicated to independent asset managers.

    1. conduct an in-depth study of the main business models of this market, the success criteria for the activity and the pitfalls
    2. study the expectations of the potential clients (IAM), comparison with the present supply
    3. make an overall assessment of the market opportunity for the bank, present the preliminary conclusions and recommendations.